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Gay’s Decision to Have Surgery

SOSM-022-BA-pjd-article-image-C01“My journey with Dr. Peter Dirksmeier was three years in length.  Nagging hip pain over the course of several years led me to making an appointment at Seacoast Orthopedics.  My first appointment with Dr. Dirksmeier was informative and reassuring.  Conservative and an advocate of processing, Dr. Dirksmeier set a course of proactive therapies to address and improve my discomfort.  Always compassionate, attentive, professional, and kind, he took whatever time I needed to determine the next step.  An excellent listener, Dr. Dirksmeier empowered me to ultimately decide when to replace my hip.  He thoroughly explained what the surgery entailed and reinforced the advantage of being in a good place physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Life is once again pain free and I have resumed activities I had forgone over the last few years.  Dr. Dirksmeier and I were a good team and  I am grateful for his professional expertise and personal investment in me as a person and not just a patient.”

Gay E. Clauson