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SOSMed physicians remain at the forefront of orthopedics by applying established and advanced arthroscopic techniques for the treatment of a variety of disorders of the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist, and hip. By treating joint problems using minimally invasive techniques, the benefits of arthroscopy (including faster recovery, better pain relief, and improved, early rehabilitation) are extended to more patients.

Arthroscopic surgery is often utilized to treat inflammation of the lining in the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or ankle, and acute or chronic injuries including:

  • Shoulder: Rotator cuff tendon tears, impingement syndrome, and recurrent dislocations
  • Knee: Meniscal (cartilage) tears, chondromalacia (wearing or injury of cartilage cushion), and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears with instability
  • Wrist: Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Loose bodies of bone and/or cartilage: for example, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, or wrist

Some problems associated with arthritis also can be treated. Several procedures may combine arthroscopic and standard surgery.

  • ACL reconstruction
  • Release of carpal tunnel
  • Removal of inflamed lining (synovium) in knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle
  • Removal of loose bone or cartilage in knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist
  • Repair or resection of torn cartilage (meniscus) from knee or shoulder
  • Rotator cuff surgery
  • Torn ligament repair


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Arthroscopic Surgeons:

Dr. Charles Blitzer, MD
Dr. Mark Cullen, MD
Dr. Adam Fleit, MD
Dr. Mark Geppert, MD
Dr. David Thut, MD
Dr. Gavin Webb, MD