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Weight Loss Management with Ideal Protein

There are a variety of reasons critical surgery could be postponed due to medical risks. For example, uncontrolled diabetes can be a greater risk following surgery when blood sugar levels rise. Smoking can impact the ability to breathe in the oxygen needed for your body to heal. Among these and other factors that affect the preparation and recovery from surgery is obesity. A 30+ BMI could lead to a higher post-surgery threat of:

  • Heart Attack
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury
  • Wound Infection
  • Urinary Tract Infection

When orthopedic surgery is considered, the risks include the inability to strengthen the muscles around the pins, plates, or other surgical instruments used to rehabilitate joint ailments. Why go through the intensive surgical process if the result is the same as before?

At Seacoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we have partnered with Ideal Protein to provide certain patients with the tools and assistance they need to reach a healthy state for surgery, and a healthy state for life after. A variety of meal alternatives including soups, pastas, puddings, shakes, and gluten free dishes allows you to enjoy flavorful food while losing weight. A personalized support plan will help you learn the basics of positive meal choices and develop an active lifestyle to maintain long term goals.



Patient Testimonials

I’ll be turning 57 this summer was nearing 280 lbs. My knees had become so painful, I knew it was time to see a surgeon to discuss knee replacements. It was just before Christmas, 2016; I was walking with a cane and hopeful for a handicapped parking placard so I could do my own errands.

I went to my appointment feeling anxious about my future, but I met with Dr. Thutt and left Seacoast Orthopedics feeling in control of my own life, uplifted, and full of hope. That day, we didn’t schedule knee surgery; we talked about my overall health and what can be done to make that better. Dr. Thutt explained that with less weight, there is a reduced chance of infection, less pain, faster healing, and new knees may last longer. What’s not to love!

I started my first appointment at Total Health, Seacoast Orthopedics, Somersworth, New Hampshire, in the Ideal Protein program, at 278 lbs. Today, just 17 weeks later, I’ve lost 45 lbs. & counting. Every week’s visit to the scale and tape measure is like Christmas morning.

I’ve given back the cane, I’ve cut up the handicapped parking placard, & joined the gym doing weight training, and I’m excited about my future. I’m smarter about food and nutrition because I’ve learned how to identify foods that gain, maintain, and lose weight. The answers to America’s confusing messages about food are answered in daily videos and weekly meetings with the Total Health team. I feel confident, healthy, and beautiful. My hair, skin, and digestion have all improved.

While scale victories are great, non-scale victories are even better. Some of my favorites are having friends pass along their smaller sizes to me, compliments from co-workers and friends, tucking my blouse into my skirt, never feeling temptation to eat candy, feeling satisfied with my meals, and being asked for a new photo for your ID.

-Jeanette R.

This journey started in October of 2016 when I attended a presentation of the Ideal Protein program at Seacoast Orthopedics in Somersworth, NH. I attended at the suggestion of my Orthopedic surgeon since I was looking at knee replacement surgery but my BMI was hovering near 41, much too risky for full replacement and recovery.

I listened to the information presented and although I was a little concerned about how well this would work I decided to give it a shot. After all, when you weigh 320+ something should be done to improve your overall health.

I signed up for the program and began the program November 4 weighing in at 319lbs and a BMI of 41. I have to admit that the first couple weeks were a challenge since the change of eating regimen was so drastic, but I figured if this was going to work I needed to be All In so I followed the program point by point.

My first weekly weigh is showed 11.4 lbs down, I was quite happy with that. The second week was only 1lb down but week 3 was another 6 lost. I felt I was on my way and feeling I could do this.

With the exception of one week since Nov. 4th I have managed to lose weight each week and feel very good about my progress. I became familiar with how to creatively prepare vegetables to accompany the Ideal Protein and my own natural protein meals, learned how to creatively season and use the Ideal Protein foods and did all I could to make this an adventure rather than just a challenge.

Although I am not completely finished with Phase 1 I am very close. I am down 90 lbs to date and only about 5 pounds from my goal weight of 225. I am down 6 Sizes on my slacks and 3 sizes on my shirts and jackets. I am also happy to report that I have a BMI below 30 for the first time in years.

I cannot say enough about Kasey and Riley for all of the phenomenal support they have provided me on this Health Improvement Program.

– Tom L.