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Safety Tip – Decide to Drive

By Charles M. Blitzer, MD

The Orthopaedic Trauma Association has long been striving to help make our roads a safer place for drivers. Clearly there are many factors associated with car crashes. But let’s remember, they are not always just “accidents” that happen. We all refer to an airplane going down as a crash – we know and expect there is a reason it happened, and this is just as true when it comes to our roads. Cars crash for a reason; maybe it was the weather, maybe it was a moose, but all too often it is DISTRACTED DRIVING.

The association of alcohol with crashes has been known for decades and, fortunately, people are generally much more responsible about this than they were 20 years ago. Now, however, distracted driving is an entirely new highway scourge. When you get behind the wheel it is imperative that you understand the commitment. You are controlling a lethal machine that not only has the potential to kill you but also completely innocent others with whom you share the road. Please make a commitment when you decide to get behind the wheel; DECIDE TO FOCUS ON SAFE, ATTENTIVE DRIVING.