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Order Generic Ambien Zolpidem Online

Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic drug that is used for the management of sleep disorders. It is prescribed to adults with transient, acute or chronic insomnia, when the sleep deprivation leads to health decline or inability to function. Ambien exerts a hypnotic and sedative action, and promotes a fast sleep onset and deep sleep without frequent awakenings. It helps to get better night rest that leads to an improvement in the quality of life and a reduction in the risk of secondary disorders, such as:
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • chronic fatigue, stress or depression;
  • violations of cognitive function.
Ambien helps to manage insomnia by suppressing brain activity. This sedative-hypnotic drug causes severe drowsiness and relaxation, slowing the transmission of impulses between brain cells. Ambien sleeping pills contain the active ingredient Zolpidem tartrate. To date, Ambien is sold in two solid oral dosage forms:
  • Film-coated tablets
  • Extended-release tablets
This hypnotic is a prescription drug, yet you can buy Ambien online without a prescription. In many drugstores, it is possible to order free shipping of this sedative-hypnotic drug, or to get it at discount prices. Having ordered the next day delivery for Ambien online right now, you can start insomnia treatment within the next 24 hours. This sedative-hypnotic drug will help you to quickly improve your sleep quality and restore general health. It should be noted that courier services are more expensive than the services provided by regular mail. Therefore, those who want to minimize the treatment cost for insomnia, can choose one of the inexpensive methods of Ambien delivery. After buying Ambien without a prescription, it is important to comply with the dosage and not to abuse this drug. Ambien tablets should be taken once a day, in the evening. Depending on the patient’s gender, different initial doses of this sedative-hypnotic drug are prescribed. Recommended initial dose of Ambien:
  • for women – 5 mg
  • for men – 10 mg
A low Ambien dose of 5 mg is preferred for the treatment of insomnia in the elderly or in patients with hepatic disease. In insufficient hypnotic effect, this group of patients may be recommended to increase the daily dose to 10 mg. This hypnotic can cause an exacerbation of depression. In this regard, patients with a history or presence of this mental disorder should take no more than 5 mg of Ambien per day. If during the week of use, Ambien does not help to overcome insomnia, patient should consult a psychologist, or undergo diagnostic tests. Ambien does not help to manage insomnia in children or adolescents. Therefore, patients under the age of 18 are encouraged to use alternative treatments for sleep disorders instead of using this sedative-hypnotic drug. Ambien can cause dose-depended mild adverse events. They quickly pass after a decrease in the daily dose of this hypnotic, or soon after the completion of treatment for sleep disorders. Because of the high risk of acquired encephalopathy, Ambien is not recommended for patients with acute liver failure. The next day after using the maximum dose of 10 mg, this hypnotic can cause:
  • diplopia or blurred vision;
  • severe daytime sleepiness;
  • transient memory impairment;
  • decrease in concentration of attention.
To reduce the likelihood of these adverse reactions, it is recommended that men and women on Ambien sleep at least 7 hours. The list of the most common adverse events of this sedative-hypnotic drug includes drugged feelings, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. If Ambien is abruptly discontinued, headache or dizziness may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually reduce the dose of this somnifacient to complete the pharmacotherapy of insomnia. Ambien can cause an exacerbation of the obstructive pulmonary disease or sleep apnea. For this reason, this sedative-hypnotic drug should be taken in the minimum daily dose, if a patient suffers from violations of the respiratory function. Ambien does not have a teratogenic effect, yet pregnant women should evaluate the advisability of using it before they start a treatment for insomnia. This hypnotic is not recommended for use during the third trimester of pregnancy. Medications or products that inhibit brain activity can potentiate the sedative effect of Ambien. Therefore, a reduction in the dose of this hypnotic may be required when it is used concomitantly with:
  • Opioid analgesics.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants.
  • Major or minor tranquilizers.
  • Products and medicines containing alcohol.
Rifampin or supplements that contain Hypericum perforatum may reduce the therapeutic effect of Ambien. For this reason, they are not recommended to be taken at the same time. Ambien has a positive safety profile. The results of clinical studies prove that the expected benefits of using this sedative-hypnotic drug exceed any potential risks by far. Additional questions on the use of these sleeping pills can be asked to the pharmacist during the purchase of Ambien at the pharmacy. After its purchase, you also can read the instruction in the package insert, enclosed with this hypnotic. Ambien is manufactured by Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceutical Company specifically for the sales in the US market. In some drugstores, you can order this sedative-hypnotic drug online in the countries of Europe, Asia or Africa. If you do not have access to the Internet, but urgently need sleeping pills, buy Ambien generics at your local pharmacy. Analogues of this hypnotic are sold under the brands Sublinox, Bikalm or Stilnox.